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Established in 1992, Manhattan Business Systems (MBS) has been helping thousands of businesses like yours procure cloud, network, and telecom services. We offer valuable and independent information that helps our clients leverage new technologies to drive revenue and save money. We work for you to select the best telephone, network, and cloud services to power your business. We’re better than the direct sales reps that care more about their monthly sales quotas than your business needs.


Today, Manhattan Business Systems helps clients throughout the world navigate the rapidly changing cloud, telecom and technology landscape, where the right solution becomes a strategic advantage. More than a brokerage, we provide real solutions to our clients that allow them to easily communicate, quickly scale, and generate ROI from their technology solutions. Manhattan Business Systems takes pride in eliminating the difficulties and confusion that carriers and cloud providers often place on IT departments.

Value is a top priority for Manhattan Business Systems. Since we don’t work directly for a single carrier or provider, we have the freedom to work for you, our customers. We provide an unbiased review of each individual client’s needs, and then we present options tailored to meet those needs. Our apples-to-apples comparisons of available service options can save your company time and money. Let us do the shopping for you so you can focus on running your business.

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